Over 5 million businesses worldwide have “Gone Google” to enable employees to work the way they live. Google Apps for Work (now called G Suite) is a cloud-based productivity suite that provides the tools and accessibility employees need and business leaders love. Featuring Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and many more modules (seen below). Further, unlike the free Gmail, you will build customer trust with your very own professional email addresses that has your email domain e.g. client@yourbusinessname.com.

Are you an IT professional wanting to see what it “looks like” to manage hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands of users across your organisation? Or are you a business professional interested in a new innovative system that can help your teams collaborate, get more done, and scale the business?

We are proud to be a G Suite partner, also operating as a professional G Suite reseller. Contact us for a personalised demo on how G Suite can help power your business.

Relevance to your business

Are you a business heavily reliant on email?

For most businesses, email is the primary portal of communication with their clients and suppliers. Ordinarily, businesses are setup with emails for their current requirements to later find that as the business grows, their email accounts are not scalable. It becomes increasingly hard to track correspondence, jobs, orders and invoices. Other inherent issues can include insufficient backup of emails which poses a huge problem when important emails go missing or get corrupted.

Such complexity in managing your emails is unnecessary and can easily be addressed with G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work). The synchronised inbox feature of this product due to emails being hosted in the cloud means easy access wherever you are on whatever device you are using. Double, triple handling of emails will be a thing of the past.

Onsite Helper is the prime IT support company and G Suite Partner, offering best assistance for client email correspondence and managing social media services for businesses.We provide complete solution and services for Google Apps for Work in Melbourne. We become your first point of contact for any help with G Suite .

The beauty of G Suite is that it has a synchronized inbox. This means that the emails do not need to be downloaded onto a desktop and “lost” there so staff can access the emails wherever they are on whatever device they please as it is stored in the cloud. It removes double handing of emails and improves response time for clients.

Further, the G Suite setup also makes it easy to scale as the business increases its client base. Take a look at how we helped Acquire Learning implement Google Apps for Work which has helped their business to scale very quickly.

Compatibility with your existing systems

G Suite is compatible with all email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. You can therefore use these email clients alongside G Suite . You can sync contacts, emails and calendars to and from G Suite

For best experience however it is best to move over entirely to Gmail in Google Chrome browser in order to enjoy the great features like “undo send” (when you accidentally send an email which can be taken back if down within 30 secs).

If you are using website hosting as your email server you may want to read this whitepaper which compares web hosting email and G Suite Gmail.

To maximise storage and security of your documents you can purchase unlimited storage + Google Vault for an extra $5 per user per month.

This provides you with unlimited storage for all of your files, folders, and backups accessible across all desktop and mobile platforms. No longer will you need to worry about quotas or file size restriction. Further, the platform provides device management tools and permission controls for administrators to restrict access to file and documents while allowing for advanced reporting and auditing capabilities.

Google Vault is fantastic for eDiscovery covering emails, chats, docs and files

Partner with a difference

iCloudHero is a G Suite Partner – We provide complete solutions and services for G Suite locally and nationally. We become your first point of contact for any help with your G Suite service.

The types of services we can provide you in relation to G Suite include:

  1. subscription management.
  2. email and data migration to G Suite.
  3. education and training.
  4. email interface setup and management.

For a full look at how G Suite can be used to dramatically improve how you do business, contact us today. We have migrated hundreds of business and thousands of accounts to this platform so you are in good hands.

If you demand better productivity - you need G-Suite